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eSagu RePricing.
Developed for your prices.

Our objective is simple:

We generate the BEST PRICES for you, so you gain more visibility on Amazon and can increase your MARGIN and your SALES.

eSagu is a RePricing system which is SIMPLE, FAST and SELF-EXPLANATORY with many additional FEATURES and new possibilities that will make YOUR daily work easier. So get ready to set aside the standardized systems and work against price dumping and set smarter prices.

But, is a normal price management system enough?

We say, “No!”

An individual RePricing system, customized to your needs, must also have an expert who helps create the visibility on Amazon that your items deserve! You and your Account Manager will create a plan, set up the system and get you into the BuyBox just with a few clicks.

eSagu RePricing Welcome

Absolutely revolutionary.
Our best RePricing.

eSagu RePricing Strategy

eSagu 360°
Your shop on our test bench

Before your shop can bear the fruit of success, we take a good look at your shop under the microscope and figure out what is best for you. You along with your Account Manager will analyze your competitors situation and your current market position. Based on these results we will set up your strategies and bring you into the BuyBox with the highest possible price.

Lowest price? Hell no!
Be visible in a different way

The best way to make yourself visible on Amazon is: The BuyBox! Fortunately, you don’t need to be the cheapest seller. Unlike basic RePricer, even offered by Amazon - eSagu brings you into the BuyBox, at your price.

Personal Account Manager

Your Account Manager will advise you in all situations and also look outside the box by giving you tips and tricks about Amazon. Let your shop reach maximum potential – react to changes in the market by setting up new strategies together. Use the knowledge and experience of YOUR Account Manager to take advantage of the predictable RePricing systems of your competition.

More than Support.

Your Account Manager is available for you from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm via phone, mail and our LiveChat. Weekend support via mail.

Feel free to contact us anytime. We are happy to help you in every situation.

eSagu RePricing Service Chat, Phone und E-Mail
eSagu RePricing LiveView

Grab the pole position!

Slow and steady does not always win the race – at least not on Amazon.

With eSagu you will experience fast and non stop RePricing - especially at peak times, when speed really matters and when seconds decide about the BuyBox, you will be one step ahead. We reprice 24/7 and with our speed you can increase your visibility on amazon. Be the rabbit who wins the race.

The specially designed SystemView gives you continous feedback on all events in real-time.

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Try RePricing for ebay now.

You are entitled to a free and non-binding test phase of ten days. So you can easily find out for yourself if you want to follow a new path with us.

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Your strategies and functions.

Face any competitive situation by setting your individual strategies.

Along with your Account Manager, you can set the right strategies for your shop by evaluating the situation, taking into consideration the BuyBox opportunities for yourself and of your competition and sort out your advantages together with him.

The following functions are designed to help you run your daily routine not only of success, but of tasks, fully automated:

eSagu RePricing rising sales
eSagu RePricing item bulk edit

Probably the most helpful function.

We aren't just interested in Optimizing your prices, but also to simplify your workflow. So what did we do? We created the easyEdit feature in order to save your time and simplify your work.

With just a few clicks you can set several rules for your items. You can activate certain features, edit new products and assign prices and set exception rules for your products. Complex CSV forms/applications will no longer be necessary for making changes.

eSagu RePricing Stock / Items

Easy to manage.

Our aim was to create something special and different, so we not only created a perfect and functional repricing system but also made sure that it gives you all the information that Amazon provides – all in one page.

Assign strategies and functions for your whole stock, to save time. You will feel the difference as soon you start working with eSagu on the first item.

eSagu RePricing Competitors

Price gaps

Global price gaps are so easily predictable and only lower your prices. Stay one step ahead of your competition - set sophisticated price gaps, which adapt to each competitor and shipping situation. With your Account Manager you set up individual price strategies to be always one step ahead of your competition.

A smart price gap can not only bring you into the BuyBox, but also significantly increase your margin.

Exclusion criteria.
Protect your prices

Are your prices decreasing?

It is our duty to protect your prices. Prevent unnecessary price reductions by excluding unwanted competition.

Can you ask for anything more from a RePricer?
Of course you can!

Build your own RePricer.

Do you feel no other RePricer can meet your requirements? Do you want to have all possible situations covered? Want to be better than your competitors?

Say NO to compromise by building your own eSagu RePricing system which matches your requirements.

You are the only one who knows what your shop requires - so we want to give you the opportunity to create your own system – we will be more than happy to assist you with this.

eSagu CustomCode Logo
easySchedule scheduled item bulk edit


You know what time of the day you are selling the most. Use this knowledge to increase your prices at the right time.

easySchedule helps you to design your price settings for the week.

With this feature you can take advantage of the basic RePricing systems of your competition.

Win The Box!

Bring your top selling items into the BuyBox with our easyBox feature.

The easyBox updates your price every 2-3 minutes on Amazon to keep you in the BuyBox, forcing your competition to drag behind you.

With the easyBox you can change your prices reasonable or aggressively, you actively define the BuyBox price.

You will see the difference in your number of items sold.

eSagu RePricing BuyBox optimization

Your eSagu RePricing.
Now as App!

eSagu Android App Screenshot

Use eSagu now with your Android Smartphone or Apple iPhone!

Quickly adjust a price on Amazon in the morning in the train or just pick out an eBay article in the middle of a meeting - now you can do it conveniently with our app.

Just download our free app from the appstore of your smartphone.

Get it on Google Play

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All countries. No Borders. One system.

Use eSagu also for all your accounts. Win the BuyBox in Europe and the USA. To make things easier, access all your accounts through a central dashboard. Set the right strategies for each marketplace on one system which makes your daily work faster and easier.


Speed, quality and reliability characterize our company philosophy. Therefore, eSagu works only with european servers.

Does eSagu save your data? If you choose to start a trial with eSagu, but decide to stop halfway, we automatically delete all your item and strategy data from our servers within one month.

Your privacy is our highest priority.

Start the trial now!

Curious about us? Want to know more about our features? Put your account on our test bench.

Test our system and your Account Manager 10 days for free without any obligation.

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A unique feedback,
for a unique RePricing system.


Pricelist for the eSagu price-optimization software on the Amazon Marketplace, effective 23.02.2016. Prices excluding VAT.

3 Months
Contract duration
beginning at£ 0.09
per sold item
6 Months
Contract duration
beginning at£ 0.07
per sold item
12 Months
Contract duration
beginning at£ 0.05
per sold item

Example: Compensation for a 3-month contract period:

For 250 sold items on Amazon.

250 x £ 0.29

= £ 72.50

Example: Compensation for a 6-month contract period:

For 1,250 sold items on Amazon.

500 x £ 0.27
+ 500 x £ 0.22
+ 250 x £ 0.17

= £ 287.50

Example: Compensation for a 12-month contract period:

For 2,250 sold items on Amazon.

500 x £ 0.25
+ 500 x £ 0.20
+ 500 x £ 0.15
+ 750 x £ 0.05

= £ 337.50