How to: Set up quantity discounts for Amazon business prices

Every Amazon seller that is selling B2B has the possibility to optimize those prices directly from eSagu.

The settings for B2B RePricing can be set up on page Startegy under Business prices.

Amazon Business price rules

First, you need to specify an optional, descriptive name for the new rule.

Second, choose the % you wish your B2B prices to be cheaper or more expensive then the current B2C optimized price.

Last, determine the number of quantity discounts you would like to have, as well as the % discount for each of the quantity ordered.

Each B2B price rule can be assigned individually, manually on specific items. Or, even better, rules can be assigned in a bulk through Bulk edit on set of items.

Assign amazon business price rules in bulk edit

If there are already set business prices in the Seller Central, they will be overwritten when activated by eSagu.