eSagu RePricing for ebay

It’s magical from now on.RePricing for eBay.

Our aim was to develop a RePricing system that you feel absolutely confident about. You should be able to enter your pricing rules and get started straightaway.

And that is exactly what our RePricing for eBay will provide.

Using easySearch you can find thousands of matching competitor offers – and that just at the push of a button.

Whether you are looking for the cheapest price, a particular search result or the best SalesRanking, you decide which criteria you want to apply for adjusting your prices.

And so that you can start straightaway, we have also packed everything into just one function: easyEdit.

Try it out. You'll love it!

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Complete confidence. Absolutely revolutionary.
Maybe the best RePricing for eBay.

Developed for you. And your prices.
RePricing for eBay.

Normally at this point there would be information about us and our product.

Or also the fact that we are absolutely convinced we have perhaps developed the best RePricing system or that it was probably never so easy to adjust your prices on eBay.

But we actually one want one thing: For you to simply try it out. See for yourself how RePricing for eBay is just the right tool for you.

It is a system that can help you to sell your offers for a better price. And in every country.

eSagu ebay compatible application

Just like magic.
The right search term at the touch of a button.

You can use easySearch to find thousands of competing offers within just a few seconds at the touch of a button.

Our system finds a matching search term for your sales items from millions of data.

This allows you to save endless hours of work and you never need to search for your competitors again.

It is this very automation that makes RePricing for eBay so simple. Now it is just down to you to get started!

Strategy Image

Two impressive choices.
Strategies that allow everything.

You have a choice between two completely different strategies:

Adjust your prices either according to the best search result or the cheapest price.

You decide which strategy is best for you and your price.

Yet both strategies have one thing in common: A better SalesRanking helps you to sell your services at a better price.

Support 360°

With us, support starts at a point where all others give up.
eSagu support 360°.

As support is absolutely key to your success. Benefits from many years of experience in the area of automated price adjustment.

Together with your personal AccountManager, you can analyse your competition and market situation and prepare individual strategies with the aim of increasing your success.

We are readily available to you via chat, phone and e-mail.

Functions that will delight you.
More than just four reason for eBay RePricing.

eSagu easySearch

Adjust your offers according to the cheapest search result. This way you can be sure that you always get the best price.

eSagu RePricing easySearch / stock

Or go for a bigger margin and adjust your products according to the best search result.

eSagu RePricing Strategy / Lager

easySearch allows you to find suitable competitors for your offers at the touch of a button. And all that without hours and hours of work.

eSagu customCode

easyEdit changes everything! Exceptions, strategies, min and max prices or your optimisation option. And all that without CSV files.

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Keep track of the entire development history.
RePricing for Amazon and eBay.

From the first programmed line of code to the release and current updates, eSagu helps keep you up to date regarding events.

Stay informed via Facebook, Twitter and co.

Settings. Functions. Strategies.
And it’s getting more and more.

eSagu RePricing sales rising

We love what we do.
eSagu. RePricing for eBay.

However, it isn’t just the settings, functions, or the many strategic possibilities that make eSagu so very special.

Our system is designed so that you can use everything intuitively. You can, for example, create multiple optimisation rules, set exceptions related to your competitors or track specific pricing strategies at certain times.

The SystemView also show you all the changes so that you can keep an overview of everything. This way, you have a completely transparent system that allows you to keep track of every step.

You will immediately notice what the differences are.

The very best function for a RePricing system.

We have developed a function that allows you to process thousands of offers all at the same time without playing around with CSV files for hours at a time or jumping from function to function.

This is a function that allows you to select a variety of products and to process them according to your criteria.

You can, for example, set easy optimisation rules, activate certain functions, process new products, or assign certain price rules or exception rules to your products.

And all that within just a few seconds. All of this using easyEdit.

eSagu RePricing easy edit

Build yourself your own RePricing for eBay.

This is an absolute first. Using customCode you can put your own ideas of a perfect RePricing system directly into action.

Whether your offers are only optimised according to certain criteria, should jump back to the original price after reaching the top position, are compared with the third-cheapest competitor or their price is only optimised according to certain competitors – every conceivable scenario is possible.

There are therefore no limits to your personal ideas.

And the choice is yours to make: Set your own IT team on it or let us help you to implement your personal ideas.

eSagu RePricing ebay
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Try RePricing for eBay now.

There is a ten-day trial period available to you free of charge and with no obligation. Simply try it out and see for yourself.

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It has never been easier to keep up with the times.

  1. Server monitoring. Now even better.

    Juni 16, 2016
    image monitoring

    We have continued to improve things in terms of speed, but particularly regarding permanent availability.
    As we can enjoy our continuous growth, the demands on our infrastructure are also increasing. In order to constantly provide you and your store with maximum performance, not only our server pool is continuously growing, but also the requirements on monitoring.
    We use a sophisticated system here that informs us about any potential bottleneck so that we can continue to provide full performance even during peak times.

  2. easyEdit. Now with a product preview too.

    Juni 26, 2016
    image easy edit

    If that isn’t sexy. easyEdit processes thousands of products with just a few mouse clicks. In the future you will be able to use the preview button with easyEdit to get an overview of all your products. This means that you will be able to do more than just check whether your search has been correctly narrowed down – you will also be able to immediately correct your selection.

  3. The new DashBoard. Starting immediately with your TopSeller products.

    Juli 06, 2016
    image dashboard

    We certainly haven’t been slouches and have prepared all that information for you that we could find.
    Put briefly. We constantly compare your top 500 items. Each one is given a ranking.
    The changes from the last 7 days compared to the previous 7 days add up to the comparison values you see here.
    Primarily we paid attention to the top 20 position – items, sales on this ASIN and the sales figures.

  4. Build yourself your own RePricing. customCode.

    Oktober 11, 2016
    image custom code

    Build yourself your own RePricing system and break out from strategies and rules. Decide how to adapt your prices on Amazon.
    Tell your own programming team or us exactly what to do in each situation and the snippet of code comes to your eSagu.
    Decide how your perfect RePricing system will work.

  5. easySchedule. A plan for your prices.

    November 06, 2016
    image easy schedule

    Using easySchedule you have full control over your prices. While you can decide which products are optimised at what time, which functions are applied, when particular exceptions are activated or which prices option applies to which product groups, the easySchedule makes sure that your plan is put into action.
    This allows you to plan and coordinate the day, time and task for your price optimisation in detail as well as make changes and add new tasks.

  6. Server change for more power.

    Februar 20, 2017
    image server

    We replaced our main server tonight – the move took about 40 minutes and went smoothly.
    Our new baby is a 13th generation Dell PowerEdge™ R730, with two Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors and 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM.
    To put it simply: This thing is mega sexy and has serious power under the hood.

  7. Fanta. Simply just Fanta.

    Juni 03, 2017
    image fanta

    We have a new colleague. Woof! Woof!
    Action is called for in the office from now on. Fanta not only makes sure that we leave the office now and then, it also helps at every corner and is the best shredder you can possibly imagine.

  8. Our birthday: October 10, 2017

    September 01, 2017
    image easySearch

    We are continuing to work on RePricing for eBay and have agreed on a release date. We want to surprise you with RePricing for eBay on our 2nd birthday.
    From now on, you can register for the beta test phase and get great deals for the launch.
    We are very excited.

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eSagu RePricing sales rising